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Lietkabelis vs. Trento live streaming 27 December 2023

2 hours ago — ... Lietkabelis: match live alle ore 20 su Sky Sport Arena e su NOW. 15 ... Dove vedere Reyer Venezia-Lietkabelis, streaming e diretta TV? 30 su ...

Hapoel Tel-Aviv have an impressive five-game winning streak. Tel-Aviv maintains second position with 9-2 record having just three points less than leader Gran Canaria. Venezia lost third consecutive game. They keep the eighth place with eight games lost. Tel-Aviv will meet at home Hamburg (#9) in the next round and are hoping to win another game. Venezia will play against Joventut in Badalona and hope to secure a win. Top scorers:H. Tel-Aviv: X. Munford 25+4reb+5ast, J. Holland 20+8reb, K. Alexander 18+11reb+1ast, J. The best for the losing side was American-Montenegrin guard Justin Cobbs (191-1991, college: California, agency: Pensack Sports) with 19 points and 8 assists and Bosnian-Croatian power forward Karlo Matkovic (208-2001) scored 22 points and 5 rebounds. Both teams had four players each who scored in double figures. Besiktas moved-up to fourth place, which they share with Joventut. Defending Slovenian champion Cedevita Ol. still closes the standings with 12 games lost. Besiktas will meet at home Wolves (#7) in the next round. Cedevita Ol. will play against Prometey in Kamianske and hopes to get finally their first victory. Top scorers:Besiktas: A. Delgado 19+12reb, J. Mathews 18+2reb+5ast, D. Needham 15+1reb+1ast, Y. Arslan 13+1reb+2ast, K. Allman 7+2reb+3ast, E. Arna 5+1reb+1astCedevita Ol. (0-12) 88-83 on Wednesday. Worth to mention a great performance of Dominican Angel Delgado (208-1994, college: Seton Hall) who helped to win the game recording a double-double by scoring 19 points and 12 rebounds (on 8-of-10 shooting from the field) and American guard Jonah Mathews (190-1998, college: USC) who added 18 points and 5 assists during the contest. Besiktas' coach used a ten-player rotation in such tough game. Mike 28+8reb, J. Lewis 17+2reb+6ast, B. Brown 12+4reb+1ast, M. Salash 11+1reb, E. Rowland 8+1reb+4ast, A. Julien 6+5astCluj Napoca: D. Seeley 20+2reb+2ast, P. Richard 16+2reb+2ast, B. Jones 11+2reb+2ast, E. Cate 10+4reb+4ast, M. Mejeris 9+5reb+3ast, J. Eddie 7+1rebSlask - Buducnost 79-80Not a big story in a game in Wroclaw where 10th ranked Polish WKS Slask (1-11) was edged by eighth ranked Montenegrin Buducnost (5-7) 80-79 on Wednesday. Ngouama 18+3reb+2ast, T. Ward 15+5reb+2ast, N. Hifi 14+2reb+2ast, C. Malcolm 12+3reb+3ast, B. Sy 11+2reb+1astHamburg: A. Dziewa 17+2reb+1ast, W. Christmas 16+4reb+5ast, V. King 15+3reb+2ast, M. Hughes 13+3reb+2ast, S. Hinrichs 13+3reb+1ast, A. Durham 11+4reb+4astVenezia - H. Tel-Aviv 81-100No shocking result in a game when second ranked Israeli Hapoel Tel-Aviv (9-2) smashed on the road 8th ranked Italian Umana Venezia (4-8) 100-81 on Wednesday. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 21 assists. Worth to mention a great performance of Dominican guard Andres Feliz (188-1997, college: Illinois) who helped to win the game recording a double-double by scoring 18 points, 5 rebounds and 10 assists and Croatian center Ante Tomic (217-1987, agency: Octagon Europe) who added 15 points during the contest. The best for the losing side was point guard Vaidas Kariniauskas (199-1993) with 7 points and 12 assists and Serbian center Djordje Gagic (210-1990, agency: Octagon Europe) scored 16 points (on 6-of-7 shooting from the field). Five Joventut and four Wolves players scored in double figures. Basketball News, Scores, Stats, Analysis, StandingsHere is the last round review presented by Job Market. Top ranked Spanish Gran Canaria (10-2) recorded its second loss in Las Palmas on Wednesday night. Hosts were rolled over by sixth ranked Italian Dolomiti Trentino (5-7) 98-76. Trento looked well-organized offensively handing out 23 assists. The best player for the winners was Latvian Andrejs Grazulis (202-1993) who scored 23 points and 5 rebounds (on 10-of-11 shooting from the field). American guard Kamar Baldwin (185-1997, college: Butler) chipped in 17 points. : K. Matkovic 22+5reb+2ast, J. Cobbs 19+3reb+8ast, D. Stewart Jr. 16+5reb, J. Blazic 11+3reb+1ast, G. Glas 7, N. Radicevic 4+1reb+1astGroup BCluj Napoca - Bourg 89-98An exciting game between Top Four teams was played in Cluj Napoca. Bourg shot the lights out from three sinking 15 long-distance shots on high 60. They used an opportunity after Gran Canaria lost their game and moved up joining them at the top position. Defending Romanian champion Cluj Napoca keeps the third place with four games lost. They share the position with Ulm. Bourg will meet at home league's leader Gran Canaria in the next round and it will be for sure the game of the week. Cluj Napoca will play against Buducnost in Podgorica and it may be a tough game between close rivals. 0 percentage. Worth to mention a great performance of Canadian forward Isiaha Mike (202-1997, college: SMU) who helped to win the game recording 28 points and 8 rebounds and American point guard JeQuan Lewis (185-1994, college: VCU, agency: Octagon Europe) who added 17 points and 6 assists during the contest. The best for the losing side was American DJ Seeley (193-1989, college: CS Fullerton) with 20 points and American-Romanian point guard Patrick Richard (193-1990, college: McNeese St. ) scored 16 points. Top scorers:Bourg: I. Sitnik 9+1reb+1ast, W. Aleksander 8+1reb+1ast, H. Gravett 8+2reb+5astTurk Telekom - Aris 85-95Everything went according to plan in Ankara where seventh ranked Greek Aris (5-7) won against 9th ranked Turkish Turk Telekom (3-9) 95-85 on Wednesday. Worth to mention a great performance of point guard Vasileios Toliopoulos (186-1996) who helped to win the game recording 20 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists and American guard Jonathan Stark (184-1995, college: Murray St., agency: Pensack Sports) who added 19 points (on 7-of-9 shooting from the field) during the contest. Top scorers:London L. : G. Olaseni 19+10reb+4ast, S. Dekker 16+5reb+4ast, C. Morgan 16+7reb+4ast, M. Morgan 12+2reb+6ast, T. Phillip 10+3reb+6ast, L. Nelson 6+2reb+1astPrometey: R. March 26+1reb, C. Agada 23+4reb+4ast, O. Balvin 14+16reb+4ast, R. Gray 8+1reb+3ast, O. Lypovyy 6+7reb, T. Odiase 6+2reb+1astHamburg - Paris 91-120There was no surprise when 9th ranked German Hamburg Towers (2-10) were crushed at home by first ranked French Paris Basket (11-1) 120-91 on Wednesday. Paris dominated down low during the game scoring 72 of its points in the paint compared to Hamburg Towers's 34. Worth to mention a great performance of American-North Macedonian point guard TJ Shorts (175-1997, college: UC Davis) who helped to win the game recording 26 points and 7 assists (on 11-of-13 shooting from the field) and point guard Mehdy-Sofian Ngouama (188-1995, college: Alabama St. ) who added 18 points during the contest. Feliz 18+5reb+10ast, A. Andrews 15+2ast, A. Tomic 15+4reb+2ast, T. Cook 12+4reb+1ast, K. Yannick 11+4reb+1ast, R. Michael 8+3reb+1astWolves: D. Gagic 16+4reb+1ast, T. Thurman 14+1reb+1ast, C. Mekowulu 12+2reb, A. Berucka 12+1ast, R. Miniotas 10+4reb+2ast, V. Kariniauskas 7+2reb+12astCedevita Ol. - Besiktas 83-88Very predictable result in Ljubljana where fifth ranked Turkish Besiktas (7-5) beat bottom-ranked Slovenian Cedevita Ol. Defending Montenegrin champion moved-up to fifth place, which they share with 3 other teams. Slask lost third consecutive game. They keep the tenth position with 11 games lost. Buducnost will meet at home higher ranked Cluj Napoca (#3) in the next round and it may be quite challenging game. Slask will play against Aris (#7) in Thessaloniki and hope to win that game. Top scorers:Buducnost: Y. Ferrell 17+3reb+5ast, M. Wright IV 12+4reb+1ast, V. Mihailovic 11+4reb, M. Jones 11+4reb, Y. Makoundou 9+5reb, M. Jagodic-Kuridza 8+2reb+2astSlask: J. Bryant Jr. 18+2reb+3ast, D. Miletic 17+11reb+5ast, A. Voinalovych 15+1reb+1ast, M. Watch Trento vs Lietkabelis Stream Online | WorldSports Get free HD live coverage of Trento vs Lietkabelis here on Tune in to get live coverage of all other popular Basketball events in HD quality ... Šport TV 17:55 V ŽIVO. Besiktas - Wolves, Košarka - Eurocup. 19:55 V ŽIVO. Trento - Lietkabelis, Košarka - Eurocup. 22:00. Olimpija - KAC, Hokej na ledu - ICE Hockey ... Worth to mention a great performance of American point guard Yogi Ferrell (183-1993, college: Indiana) who helped to win the game recording 17 points and 5 assists and the other American import point guard McKinley Wright IV (183-1998, college: Colorado) who added 12 points during the contest. Four Buducnost players scored in double figures. The best for the losing side was Serbian center Dusan Miletic (213-1998) with a double-double by scoring 17 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists and American guard Joe Bryant Jr. (185-2000, college: Norfolk St., agency: BIG) scored 18 points. Both coaches tested many bench players in such tough game. Turk Telekom was defeated by Aris on its own court 85-95. Ulm was beaten by Lietkabelis in Panevezys 94-90. Group ALondon L. - Prometey 89-88Important game to mention about took place in London. London players were unselfish on offense dishing 27 assists. Irish-Canadian forward Conor Morgan (206-1994, college: UBC) contributed with 16 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists for the winners. Five Lions players scored in double figures. Czech center Ondrej Balvin (217-1992, agency: Octagon Europe) replied with a double-double by scoring 14 points, 16 rebounds and 4 assists and Nigerian-Canadian Caleb Agada (196-1994, college: Ottawa, agency: Pensack Sports) added 23 points and 4 assists in the effort for Prometey. Live Stream Lietkabelis – Trento - LiveTV Oct 25, 2023 — Watch Live Stream Online Lietkabelis - Trento (25.10.23). Live Stream Basketball îíëàéí. - Live.

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